Meet DJ hrwo E

Eearly as a kid Hrvoje Jelincic aka hrwo E showed special interest in street art.

He came to love everything that was connected with graffiti art, b-boying and music which was part of that street culture at that time (hip-hop, funk, breakbeat…). This was the beginning of the neverending quest called ‘music travel’. Today, hrwo E is a graphic designer by day, and DJ by night.

He was involved in several music promoting organizations, such as Headmovin and Feelgood Connection, promoting house music alongside with broken beats. In 2010. he came together with two friends, also DJs, forming a Concorde Club collective which promotes disco music in most popular Croatian underground club Masters. 2016 he started his own program “Roller Boogie” that promotes boogie, disco and house music and as a part of this program he organizes Roller Boogie – “Vinyl, Fashion & Food Fair”. hrwo E is loved by the audience mostly because of his specific style which can be described as ‘morphing genres through a seamless transition’ which is not only charachteristic of his DJ sets but his mixes too. When he’s playing music, anything is possible – you can hear all sorts of house subgenres (jackin, chicago, deep…), boogie, disco and funk..


Latest mixes:

Other links:!/hrwoE

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