Meet Neven Milutin a.k.a FRYER

One of the famous artist playing at Olive Groove Festival. Read more about Neven Milutin a.k.a FRYER.

Neven Milutin a.k.a FRYER started his career as FRYER and BOO DALE, Rijeka based duo, they started their musical journey back in 1994. when they formed a band that introduced a completely new style to Croatian rock scene by mixing hard rock guitar riffs and hip hop, way before that kind of approach became a hype worldwide.The band was called Unlogic Skill, it had released two albums on Dancing Bear Records and then split up in 2001. In 2001, two friends have again felt the need to experiment in music so they began their DJ career by playing something completely new and different at that time… Setting off into the unknown, they were the first to introduce a new fusion electronic genre to the Croatian club scene. By playing an interesting mixture of what is now known as minimal house, techno house combined with eclectic electro,disco , acid and classical house vibes…., they made a first step by sharing that groove with their followers in the weekly event called Klackanje, which was soon followed by dozens of “Wir tanzen durch die ganze Nacht!” parties that soon became “the hype” guaranteeing the ultimate club experiences. Instantly marked as the most innovative upcoming DJs always transmitting on clubber’s frequency, Fryer and Boo Dale soon became a part of the respectable Frequency Crew, based in Zagreb’s club Tockica, right after becoming some of the most booked DJs in Croatia.

They spent a whole season as residents in the Fun Academy club in Rijeka and the Boogaloo club in Zagreb. Years that followed have brought bookings by all the relevant clubs (K4, Lazareti, Fort Bourgignon, Temple, Opium, Crossroad, Stereo Dvorana, Tesla) and festivals (MTV Beach Central Europe Slovakia, Exit Fest Serbia, Rabac Festival Croatia, Hartera Festival Croatia) Last but not the least to mention is the fact that F & B established themselves further as co-founders of the Body Jack project thus playing a significant part in the formation of the Body Jack Schallplatten digital record label. His newest project is Work The Floor monthly event in his hometown Rijeka / Croatia that have only one goal, to bring

His newest project is Work The Floor monthly event in his hometown Rijeka / Croatia that have only one goal, to bring quality underground house, disco & techno vibes to the Floor. Also as a part of this project, Fryer started the new production sessions with his partners DJ Wan & Boo Dale, together they are set to release jams on DJ Wan`s label: Sound Of Comfort. The tenth Sound of Comfort release is somewhat of a turning point in SOC digital releases philosophy.

Inspired by highly successful monthly Work the Floor Clubnight, Work the Floor residents – Wan, Fryer and Boo Dale, decided to join their energy and ideas in the studio production area. The first step was to move the whole studio to the new location. It turned out to be inside the Hartera complex, an abandoned paper factory facility and residence of one of the best and most distinctive Croatian and European small festivals.

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