Olive Groove Festival Incoming famous DJ!

One of the famous artist playing at Olive Groove Festival is DJ Antonio Zuza. Read more about his promising career.

Antonio Zuza in one half of the promising Imogen Recordings. The Croatian DJ co-runs it with Ilija Rudman, his great friend in crime who helped him to make a record with his band Bubbin’ Dub back in 2010. They ended up with a tune on House Sound Recordings’ compilation beside names such as Virgo Four, Andy Ash, Mat Chiavaroli and that is exactly where this great Imogen story starts.

Since that extraordinary experience, they continued developing their musical journey together and today their label is a homebase for many of the future sounds of Brand New Heavies, Ilan Kabiljo, Dos Palos, Charles Webster, Robert Owens, Ourra, Darshan Jesrani and of course their own music.

Antonio played many gigs over the Adriatic Coast and Zagreb during last 10 years. Today holding a residency on a monthly based ‘IMOGEN Recordings Label nights’ where he played on ever moving club locations with names such as Charles Webster, Pete Herbert, Kai Alce…

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